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the cover of the disc SYNANTHROPISIS
The lost art of harmonious coexistence between humans



Blow & Βeat

An ancestral duet

Wood, skin, reed

Natural, spontaneous sound

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About us

MUSAIC duo was founded in 2018 in Athens by Yannis Eustathopoulos (percussion) and Nektarios Stamatelos (winds) following a 16 years musical journey with the Eastern Mediterranean traditional group “Al Mahabba”.

MUSAIC draws inspiration from the ancestral relationship of winds and percussion, the most ancient “duo” or “zeyá” in Greek. Their repertoire includes original compositions with roots in world music and contemporary musical styles.

The two musicians—communication, interaction & pictures at hand—go into creative dialogues and compose musical landscapes inspired by both the past and the present.

Nektarios and Yannis embrace each live performance as a challenge — a journey to various places and eras, a wandering into the inspiration and surprises of the moment.

Nektarios and Υannis at the ancient Thoriko theater


“Synanthropisis”, a musical and aesthetic surprise by two people, who seem to have walked along common dreamy paths while playing with music. This is probably how they discovered the nine treasures they offer us. Colors and fragrances from unknown places that you have surely visited in one of your dreams. You start listening to the first track and you imperceptibly become more and more liberated as the record reveals all its pieces.

Kostas Konstantatos
Kostas Konstantatos Musician, founder of Encardia

Musaic duo’ s music penetrates the body. Sometimes it invites the body to move in the paths it creates and sometimes it enters in a deep conversation with movement, to express both bright and dark sides of the soul. My collaboration with Musaic duo is a constant travelling flow of sound and motion.

Dancer, choreographer & dance teacher
Mata Marra Dancer, choreographer & dance teacher